Adult Services

Adult Services

Easter Seals Greater Houston's Adult Program has put hope within reach for hundreds of adults. Easter Seals Greater Houston provides a variety of community-based services affording adults and seniors opportunities to live, learn, work and play as a vital part of their own community or neighborhood. These programs put hope within reach for adults with a developmental disability. In addition, these valuable programs offer respite, support, and education for family members and caregivers.


Adult Programs

picture-of-easter-seals-adult-program-clientClients involved in the Easter Seals LEAD (Life Enrichment for Adults with Disabilities) Adult Programs are adults who have experienced barriers with social integration and opportunities due to their physical disabilities. We provide a safe environment for adults to socialize with one another and participate in activities enjoyed by all adults. We strive to broaden their experiences and introduce them to new things. For a brief overview of our adult programs, check out this flyer. If you are interested in more information, applying for our programs or volunteering, please contact Ashley Nichols at or 713-838-9050 ext 350. Learn More.






Assistive Technology Lab

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Assistive Technology is an item, piece of equipment, software or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Assisitive Technology can be anything from low tech communication boards, to high tech communication devices iPads, or switches. Easter Seals Greater Houston's AT&T Assistive Technology Lab includes a variety of touch-based mobile devices and works in conjunction with the Texas Technology Access Program and Easter Seals' BridgingApps Program, which provides a gap between technology and its users with a focus on disabilities. Through the use of technology and our AT Lab, it is our goal to get individuals with disabilities connected to technology to improve their lives. Come try out computers with modified devices and specialized software at our AT&T Assistive Technology lab. Please schedule an appointment to use the lab in advance. Learn more.





adult3Easter Seals' BridgingApps program is a community of parents, therapists, teachers and doctors who share information on how to use mobile device technology like the iPad® and Android® devices to help people with disabilities learn, grow and develop. The in person meetings and online community offers an app review system focused on skills – not age, diagnosis, or developmental level – created to assist users in choosing apps to help people with disabilities improve cognitive learning, social and emotional development and communication skills. If you are looking to improve a skill or creatively compensate for a deficit that may be preventing a person with a disability or delay from maximizing their fullest potential, BridgingApps is the place for you. Learn more.


Case Management

Case Management includes education and information, guided referrals, family support, and advocacy to help connect you to services available for you. Learn more.


Financial Coaching

april 09 051Easter Seals Greater Houston offers Financial Empowerment and Homebuyer Club Workshops through THRIVE Connection. We are extremely proud to be a United Way THRIVE agency! THRIVE is about helping families create financial stability and a better future by increasing income, building savings and acquiring assets. Easter Seals' THRIVE Connection helps families connect their MIND-to-their-MONEY by creating a plan for financial health. We want families to THRIVE! Learn more.




Housing Initiative

UCP hi-res 2Homeownership is just as desirable for people with disabilities as it is for anyone else in America, yet it is estimated that less than one percent of Americans with disabilities are homeowners versus 66 percent of those without disabilities. Currently through the Home of Your Own Program, Easter Seals is closing on 10-20 homes per year for individuals with disabilities who are low income and first time homebuyers. Learn more.




Respite taylorEaster Seals Greater Houston offers Respite Services to help provide relief options to parents who provide ongoing care of their family member who has a disability. Many people with disabilities require 24-hour, around-the-clock supervision, attention and care, and many parents of children and adults with disabilities have low incomes and thus cannot afford to hire extra help to provide time away from their children. This continuous demand becomes a tremendous drain on caregivers emotionally, physically and mentally, and this care will remain constant as they grow older. Consequently, families of children with disabilities are at high risk for divorce, substance abuse and child abuse because of the continuing stress of caring for the child with disabilities. Respite care is an assistance program to parents, but just as importantly, is a prevention program aimed at stopping some of the social problems that can result from the tremendous demands made on families due to the disabilities of their child or the institutionalization of the family member with a disability. Learn more.




Veterans Services

Veteran and Service Dog

The mission of Easter Seals Veterans Case Management Program is to assist veterans and their families build the lives they want after they finish their military service.  Our case managers want to help veterans and their families meet the needs they have to foster stability, wellness, and growth. Easter Seals Greater Houston is part of the Texas Veterans + Family Alliance that focuses on the mental health of veterans and their families. Additionally, we have a Veterans Companion Dog Program. Learn more.


For more information about Easter Seals Greater Houston's services for adults, seniors, and caregivers, please email us or call 713.838.9050.


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*Clients are rendered services without distinction due to race, color, national origin, religion, sex or disability. 



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