Information and Referral/Case Management Services

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Easter Seals Greater Houston offers the following information and referral services:

Case Management

Easter Seals Case Management services keep individuals with disabilities and their caregivers on track to get the services they need, such as therapy, durable medical equipment, and resources for food, housing, and legal assistance. Case Management services are offered under three categories:

  1. Community Living Assistance & Support Services (CLASS) Case Management: For people of any age diagnosed with a disability that is acquired before age 22 and affects functioning in daily life.
  2. Veterans and Families: For Veterans and their families who have been reticent to or had difficulty connecting to the VA or finding the resources they need. Different forms of Veterans ID are accepted. To better accommodate work schedules, case management and clinical therapy are offered via phone and require limited paperwork to get started.
  3. Emergency or Crisis Case Management: For families who call Easter Seals for Information and Referral services, but whose situations are complex and require additional time to assess and prioritize issues, find resources, and provide follow-up.

Easter Seals Case Management services also provide limited emergency assistance and are recipients of Emergency Food & Shelter Funds.

For more information, please email our Case Management team at

This program is made possible by The George Foundation and United Way of Greater Houston!

Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS)

Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS) provides home services to people with disabilities or a related condition as a cost-effective alternative to placement in an intermediate care facility. The main benefit of CLASS is to help maintain independence and provide support for an impaired person living at home or in the community. Easter Seals Greater Houston is one of the organizations that provides case management services for the CLASS program in the greater Houston area. Learn more or contact us at