Respite Services

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Respite Services provides relief options to parents who provide ongoing care of their family member who has a disability. Many parents of children and adults with disabilities have low incomes and cannot afford to hire providers to take time away from their children. Many people with disabilities require 24-hour, around-the-clock supervision, attention, and care. This continuous demand becomes a tremendous drain on caregivers emotionally, physically and mentally-this care will remain constant as they grow older. Consequently, families of children with disabilities are at high risk for divorce, substance abuse, and child abuse because of the continuing stress of caring for the child with disabilities. Respite care is an assistance program for parents, but just as importantly, it is a prevention program aimed at stopping some of the social problems that can result from the tremendous demands made on families due to the disabilities of their child or the institutionalization of the family member with a disability. For more information, email or call 713.838.9050, ext. 307.

In-Home Voucher

Currently, Respite Care is offered to parents or guardians who care for a child with a disability. The Providers, whom the parents select, care for the child in the home, freeing the parent to leave the home for errands, leisure time, appointments, and other activities. This program has empowered parents to bring into the Respite Care system their own provider, someone whom they know and trust to be with their child.

Benefits of Respite Care

Following is a list of benefits for children with disabilities and their families as a result of the availability of Respite Care.

  • Decrease in isolation
  • Prevention of abuse and/or neglect
  • Increase in ability to cope
  • Strengthened family stability
  • Preservation of the family unit
  • Decrease in divorce
  • Increase in participation in community
  • Decrease in out-of-home placements
  • Reduction of crisis situation
  • Empowerment of the family to make decisions regarding the care of their children
  • Lifespan Respite

For more information, email or call 713.838.9050, ext. 307.

This program is made possible by The George Foundation and United Way of Greater Houston.

Check out this video - Respite: Caring for Caregivers