The Caroline School Curriculum

Our Approach

The Caroline School has shown great success in following the unique educational approach detailed below.

  1. We build a relationship with your child. We learn where they are physically, socially, and cognitively and share joy with them there. When they have fun with us, they want to learn from us.
  2. We collaborate with your child’s team. We understand that you have many important people in your child’s life all with their own area of expertise. We cherish that and want to use their insight, as well as your own, to create an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). This document will track the goals we, as a team, have decided are most important for your child. It will be our learning map for teaching your child.
  3. We teach using a “menu based” learning system. We look at your child’s goals and select the best research-based curricula and teaching techniques to challenge and support them to achieve their goals. We use large, small, and one on one grouping, as well as lessons that are explicit, sequential, and repetitive or spiraling (going over the same material, only in more depth each time), all depending on your child’s instructional need.

Our Offered Curricula

Learning Without Tears' guides students to success with developmentally appropriate sequence of instruction. It provides consistent guided practice to develop automaticity and fluency, multisensory components engage visual, audio, and kinesthetic learners and hands-on manipulatives for developing fine motor and phonics skills.

Attainment – Early Numeracy is appropriate for students with significant developmental disabilities. It begins with counting using one-to-one correspondence and progresses to more complex skills like using sets for addition and creating ABAB patterns. Lessons are taught systematically, incorporating scripted lessons, least intrusive prompting strategies, teachable objectives, and ongoing assessments. This system provides hand on opportunities for your child to learn.

ScienceSaurus - Science is a student-friendly, comprehensive resource that Integrates science content and literacy skills in one comprehensive reference tool. It addresses life, physical, earth, and environmental science and covers key science topics such as scientific investigation and working in the lab.

OATECA Functional Skills Curriculum supports three important areas of development across the lifespan. The goals and objectives for each skill are standard based and aligned with Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessment, which are lined up to Common Core. Cognitive skills focuses on academic skills covering multiple levels of reading, math and writing abilities. Self-help focuses on basic skills that increase the ability for students to become proficient at taking care of their own everyday needs and Job training skills focuses on basic daily living abilities to the skills required to successfully work, live and independently succeed in the future.

Zones of Regulation is “designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control” for late preschoolers to adults. The hands-on lessons and activities help individuals with any ability recognize their feelings and use tools and strategies to regulate their behavior in socially accepted and appropriate ways.

These are only some of the important methods we use to help our students reach the height of their potential at The Caroline School. Please contact our Director, Tabitha Hernandez, at or 832-922-8872 with questions or to schedule a tour.