Proud and Grateful

Every year, our Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Program serves thousands of babies and toddlers with developmental delays, medical diagnoses, disabilities, or atypical behaviors. We offer an array of services based on the child's needs. Our services are provided by licensed/certified providers who have extensive experience and are specialized in working with small children. Our team of experts works with the child and the family to help them reach their milestones and set them up for success. Below is the testimony from a parent of an ECI graduate.

Matthew smiling with backpack on for first day of school
Matthew smiling with his backpack on ready to take on his first day of school!

“Hello my name is Maria, the mother of Matthew. My son completed the ECI program and I’m very grateful with everyone for the excellent assistance that is given to children. I want to thank the therapists: Jamie Hodges, Thien Vu, Tate Hardaker, and Mr. Gumaro for the work they did with Matthew. They had the patience and did excellent work. Also, the Service Coordinator Sylvia Guzman for always being attentive and helping me with everything that was needed. Also, Veronica, the interpreter. Excellent team work and again many thanks.”

Hola soy Maria, la mama de Matthew. Mi niño a finalizado el aprendizaje con el programa ECI, estoy muy agradecida con ustedes por una excelente ayuda que nos  brindan a nuestros hijos .,quiero agradecer alos terapistas Jamie Hodges,Thien Vu, Tate Hardaker, y al señor Gumaro por trabajar con matthew y tenerle paciencia, hisieron un excelente trabajo ,también ala coordinadora sylvia Guzmán por siempre estar pendiente y ayudarme en todo lo que necesitaba y también a verónica la traductora excelente equipo, gracias infinitas ICE.

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