Always Grateful – Successes Big and Small

I will forever be grateful for my child’s therapist. We have been with Easter Seals Greater Houston Early Childhood Intervention Program since 2021. I have had 3 children receive therapy through ECI and it’s been amazing. My youngest, Malice, was a little baby who was delayed very early in most aspects of his developmental stages. We started therapy around 3-4 months old. He rarely babbled as a baby and rarely made any noises. It was hard for him to do little things like lifting his head, rolling to his belly, and sitting up.

However with his small team of therapists, my child graduated early from Physical Therapy. He is still going through #SpecializedSkills therapy and speech therapy, but now he has at least ten signs he will use to communicate. He also has a handful of words he will use and he can sing. His personality has just grown so much since he could learn how to express himself and communicate with others. By his little hands or his words. I will forever be grateful for his therapist and caseworker with ECI. More info at Home Page – Easter Seals Greater Houston (