Communicating CLARAly

Young children's therapy client utilizing iPad to communicateOur latest client success story comes from Daryn, one of our incredible speech language pathologists with a passion for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Daryn works in the Children’s Therapy Program and BridgingApps, our technology program focusing on making everyday tech accessible to people with all abilities. She conducts AAC evaluations and consults with families, teachers, and therapists.

"Clara came to us to get help finding a communication device. She has a genetic disorder that affects her speech and hearing. She was in our ECI program and made great progress thanks to PT and OT, but her mom, Kerri, wanted to make sure she had a way to communicate.

When I met Clara, she used sign language and some sounds and words. We started trying different apps on iPads to help her communicate everything that she was already understanding and thinking. Clara quickly learned where her favorite words were and how to use them to let her mom know what she wanted. We began the process of purchasing a device through their insurance, and Clara and mom continued to find all sorts of new things to talk about.

Now, Clara has graduated from speech therapy at our Children’s Therapy Program and is using her device at home to boss around her parents and brother and at school to talk to her friends."

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