BridgingApps 2023 Achievements

BridgingApps takes a last look back as we transition from the successes of 2023 to the goals of 2024.

Our 2023 theme was “Advancing Digital Equity by Focusing on Person-Centered, Customized Digital Skills Training.” Some of our favorite advancement tools:

  • Personalized and culturally sensitive Digital Navigator services for rural residents. (Helped connect 117 of their households to the internet.)
  • Navigation help for military Veterans and military families who were learning to access VA benefits, telehealth, and other services.
  • Showing senior adults, especially those with disabilities, how to connect remotely. (A proven tool for building confidence and reducing social isolation.)
  • Job-skills and job-search training for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • New videos for our Did You Know series, including Spanish-language recordings. (We love helping people understand all the things their smartphones and tablets can do.)
  • Offering choices between virtual and in-person training.
  • Our online App Search Tool database of apps for all! (Just three of the new apps added in 2023: PrognosUs, Bookshare Reader, and ReBokeh.)
  • Our Assistive Technology Labs and their weekly open-lab hours.

How many people took advantage of our 2023 training and other resources? Nearly 2,000 clients, and 29,000 website visitors a month.

We can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store! We’ve already collected a pile of success stories that reflect the power of technology support and training, and the difference it can make to older adults, military connected families, people with disabilities and caregivers of all ages.

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