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About BridgingApps

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BridgingApps provides the access, education, and resources needed to effectively use mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to help people with disabilities communicate, exceed educational goals, and reach their fullest potential. BridgingApps includes a website, app reviews by therapists and special education teachers, a custom app search engine, assistive technology labs, in-person meetings in Houston, Fort Worth, Rio Grande Valley and Austin, training options for parents, organizations and schools. For more information, visit



The available research and the success stories we have captured reflect the potential power of using mobile touch-based technology and proper training to significantly impact the lives of people with disabilities. These devices can also serve as accessible tools for people who may have been previously disengaged from the world as a result of challenging language, motor, or other developmental delays. BridgingApps is a community of parents, teachers, therapists, doctors, and people with disabilities who share information on how they are using touch-based, mobile devices such as the iPad®, iPhone®, iPodTouch® and Android® devices and apps with people who have special needs. We created this community to discuss technology in respectful, creative ways focusing on people of all ages who have disabilities.

Given the rising number of apps on the market and the diverse skills of children and adults with disabilities, our goal is to provide caregivers, professionals, and people with disabilities with the best resources for choosing apps to enhance everyday life and to share their successes with others. In collaboration with speech language pathologists and occupational therapists, we have created an app review system that focuses on skills - rather than age, diagnosis or developmental level to help improve outcomes for a person with a disability.

Assistive Technology Services

picture of Easter Seals client using AT LabAssistive Technology is an item, piece of equipment, software or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities. Assistive Technology can be anything from low tech communication boards and switches, to high tech communication devices like eye gaze technology and iPads.

Full Assistive Technology Evaluation
Full AT Evaluations are available for a fee and are appropriate when the client't primary concern is improvement of functional capability. Devices included in a Full AT Evaluation are adapted toys and switches, specialized software and computer equipment, and mobile devices and apps. The evaluation includes a functional evaluation, multiple visits and device trials, an evaluation report, guidance during the purchasing process, and continued training and technical assistance. In most instances, full AT and AAC evaluations are done at our Bellaire location. Learn more.


Full Augmentative and Alternative Communication Evaluation
Full AAC Evaluations are available for a free and are appropriate when the client's primary concern is communication. Devices included in a Full AAC Evaluation are AAC devices such as DynaVox and PrenkeRomich, mobile devices such as an iPad or iPod Touch and communication apps such as Proloquo2Go and Sono Flex, as well as other AAC options. The evaluation includes a full language evaluation, device trials, an evaluation report, and guidance during the purchasing process. Easter Seals Greater Houston accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicaid, CHIPs and self-pay. In most instances, full AT and AAC evaluations are donate at our Bellaire location.


*If you have concerns about your child's communication skills and want to request an Assistive Technology evaluation please call 713.838.9050, ext. 383 or email us for more information.  


Assistive Technology Lab

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BridgingApps offers Assistive Technology Services in Texas (Houston, The Woodlands and Stafford). Each AT Lab has Open Lab Days open to the public without an appointment for visitors to explore a variety of assistive technology, including adapted toys and switches, specialized software and computer equipment, communication devices, and mobile devices and apps. Volunteers and staff are available to answer questions; however, individualized support is limited depending on the number of participants. The AT Lab services vary for each location. Please contact us for pricing or to learn more about the services provided at your nearest lab.




Lab Locations
Houston Lab 
Tuesdays 5:30-7:30 & by appointment
4888 Loop Central Drive, Suite 100 | Houston, TX 77081
Contact: Cristen Reat, 713.838.3050, ext. 383


The Woodlands Lab
Thursdays, 10am-3pm
1600 Lake Front Circle, Suite 231 | The Woodlands, TX 77380
Contact: Andi Fry, 281.705.9850


Stafford Location
Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
12300 Parc Crest Drive | Stafford, TX 77477
Contact: Tara Rocha, 832-647-2266

Learn more about our Assistive Technology Lab Services.


Check out the CEA Foundation video highlighting BridgingApps

Success Story

Mia is a 7 year old with an undiagnosed disability, and she is non-verbal. Mia has been working with BridgingApps and a Speech Therapist for the past year learning to use an iPad mini paired with a communication app to enable her to "talk" with her family, friends and classmates. Using an app called Proloquo2Go, Mia tells her mom what she will do at school. Let us help you reach your goals and work towards success!

Easter Seals of Greater Houston, Inc.
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Easter Seals Greater Houston is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
*Clients are rendered services without distinction due to race, color, national origin, religion, sex or disability. 



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