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Assistive Technology is a very important aspect at The Caroline School.  We have the resources and ability to work with students who are just beginning to use Assistive Technology and those that are utilizing a device to proficiently communicate with others.  Our resources range from Big Macs to the use of the iPad with several developmental appropriate devices in between (ex. Tech Talk, Dynavox).


The Caroline School staff and therapists utilize all of our Assistive Technology devices for students who are verbal and nonverbal. We assess each child and observe where they are functioning with regard to Assistive Technology and implement the appropriate device into the child’s goals and daily skills


Every child has the ability to use an AT device. One of our greatest success stories is with a child who has cerebral palsy, is nonverbal, blind and has limited mobility and range of motion.  We knew this child was very bright cognitively and we needed to figure out a way to tap into that.  We began implementing the iPad into this child’s day by using an overlay on the iPad screen that had two squares cut out to appropriately work with a Yes/No application.  We modified the overlay by putting Velcro (for texture) around the “No” cut out square and we left the “Yes” cut out square bare.  The student was able to discriminate between yes and no by using his sense of touch.  This gave us the ability to ask the student comprehension questions, math questions and have social conversations with him. Currently this student is progressing from discriminating between yes/no questions to combining 3 or more picture icons to label and communicate.

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